Oil Analysis

The oil in your engine is like the blood in your body’s veins and just as a blood test helps to diagnose a body problem, oil sampling and analysis can help to diagnose an engineering problem – often before there is any indication of a problem developing.

By taking a sample of your engine oil we can check it for irregularities. Using years of experience, expertise and knowledge we can quickly see if there are any problems developing in your engine, and even where the problems are. We can advise on what action to take to put them right and stop them happening again.

Analysis usually costs less than the price of an oil change and a lot less than an engine failure. Repairs after engine failure can cost more than 65% of the engine’s value, whilst a repair carried out before engine failure just between 5 and 25%. Early detection of potential failure may help to reduce these costs further.

Besides testing engine oils analysis can be used on all types of oils such as transmission, hydraulic, gear, compressor, aviation, turbine and industrial. Analysis can also be done on all types of fuels including petrol, derv, kerosene,marine fuels etc.

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